Thinking of selling property? Useful tips...

05/09/2023 Posted by Admin | Comments(0)

If you are thinking about selling a property, here are some useful tips to help speed the process up from the very outset:

1) If there is a mortgage, supply the mortgage account number and bank details so the title deeds can be requested as soon as possible - there can be delays in the release of title deeds from the bank. This is the first important step as the deeds are required to draft contracts;

2) Log into Revenue and print off the Local Property Tax payment history. The value band for the current year should be in line with the sale price;

3) If the property was your principal private residence between 2011 and 2013, you will need a Certificate of Exemption in respect of the NPPR Charge. If it wasn't, a Certificate of Discharge is required. The relevant forms can be downloaded from the local authority website.

4) If the property is located within a managed estate (for example an apartment), documentation must be obtained from the management company (or agent). Any service charges should be paid up to date for the financial year with an apportionment based on the closing date;

5) If there have been any extensions or other alterations to the property since you bought it, Certificates of Compliance with Planning and/or Building Regulations may be required;

6) Your estate agent may assist you in obtaining a BER Certificate and Report.


If you have any queries regarding a property sale or purchase, please do not hesitate to contact one of our highly regarded property team who will be delighted to assist you:-

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