Compensation Award for Road Traffic Accident

06/11/2023 Posted by Admin | Comments(0)

Last week, Gaffney Halligan & Co represented a client in Dublin Circuit Court who was awarded a significant compensation award for personal injuries arising out of a road traffic accident. Liability was not at issue in the case and because the other driver was not identified, the MIBI was the Defendant.

The claim was submitted to the Injuries Board initially and the Plaintiff rejected their assessment of damages because it was felt they did not adequately reflect the extent of the injuries or the fact they were on-going in nature. Court proceedings then issued and the case came before the Judge for assessment of damages only. The court heard evidence from the Plaintiff and gave a reasoned decision on the level of award it felt was appropriate. This amount was a significant increase from the Injuries Board assessment so the decision to reject that was fully justified. 

The client was delighted with the outcome and the award was a fairer reflection of the injuries and the impact they had (and continue to have) on him.

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