Divorce FAQ

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Q:   How do I qualify for divorce in Ireland?

A:   You must be living separate and apart for 2 out of the previous 3 years; you must be living permanently in Ireland or lived here for at least 1 year before making the application and there must be no prospect of reconciliation.

Q:   Can I obtain a divorce if we still live in the same house?

A:   Yes. The law allows for divorce where a couple still live under the same roof but they must not be living together as a couple in an intimate relationship. Evidence will be required for the court to confirm this.

Q:   How much will it cost?

A:   It will depend on how quickly the matter is resolved or settled. If the case cannot be settled, a Judge will decide the terms of divorce at a Hearing which is the most expensive route. We will provide an estimate of fees when we first meet taking account of the various stages it could be resolved. You can also contact Legal Aid to see if you qualify for their assistance. 

Q:   How long will it take?

A:   Again, it will depend on whether settlement terms can be agreed and as soon as they are signed off by both parties, they can be ruled by an application to court at any stage during the proceedings. If a case runs to a full Hearing in front of a Judge, it could take in or around 18 months.

Q:   What is a consent divorce?

A:   This is where both parties have agreed the terms of the divorce, perhaps by mediation, and the terms are then drawn up formally to be signed by both parties and an application is made to court to rule them. It is the cheaper and quicker option.

Q:   What happens at the first meeting with a Solicitor?

A:   We will meet to take background information and go through an Affidavit of Means (the financial details) and an Affidavit of Welfare (relating to any dependant children) and discuss your needs and options on how best to progress matters to a resolution. We know it is not easy and we are here to help.


We have an experienced family law team based in Dublin 5 who would be delighted to meet with you, to listen to you and discuss your options. Please contact [email protected] or telephone (01) 8312470 to arrange an appointment.