Thinking of switching mortgage?

11/02/2022 Posted by Admin | Comments(0)

We are receiving more and more inquiries from people who are switching mortgages. Depending on when you drew down your current mortgage, there could be many benefits to switching with most banks offering:

a) Better interest rates

b) More flexible options on mortgage terms

c) Cash back offers

d) Contribution to legal costs

Some people are worried the process can be complex or time consuming but it is usually quite straight forward and can certainly be well worth it from a financial perspective. If you are considering a re-mortgage, assess your options (or via a mortgage broker) and apply for loan approval. Contact us for information on the switching process and a competitive quote to complete the legal work involved. We will arrange to get the deeds of your property as quickly as possible. 

We can assure you of an efficient and professional service from our highly regarded property team.

For Artane, contact Niall Gaffney [email protected]

For Raheny, contact Padraig Mullins [email protected]