Enduring Power of Attorney 

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which can be signed by a person (Donor) to appoint another person or persons to look after his/her affairs and make decisions about their welfare, if at any future stage the Donor becomes permanently mentally incapacitated.

An Enduring Power of Attorney can give general power to the Attorney entitling them to make decisions in relation to all properties and affairs, or the Enduring Power of Attorney can be tailored in such a way as to allow the Attorney make decisions in respect of limited affairs. An Enduring Power of Attorney only comes in to operation when it has been registered in the High Court and an Attorney can only make an application to register such an Enduring Power of Attorney should the Donor have sadly become permanently mentally incapacitated and is unable to manage his/her affairs.

We also regularly act for clients who apply to court to be appointed a Care Representative for a family member. 

We will provide a full breakdown of the costs and steps involved at the outset.

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